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Graffito su Foglia d'Oro

Gold Leaf Engraving

The Making Of

Forms and figures of the featured works of art are slowly outlined, as the gold leaf is engraved with fine and delicate hatchings.

To enhance the plasticity and the third dimension feeling of the human body, forms and figures are outlined starting from their anatomic masses' structure. Then the drapings of the dresses are added, overlaying a further level of lines and hatchings more and more emphasized.
incredulità di san tommaso
Featured subjects are paintings from world-famous artists such Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Carracci ...
bacchino malato caravaggio
The well-renowned Venice's views from Canaletto has been interpreted too.
canaletto palazzo ducale
In this case, thanks to the delicate hatchings. the attention is focused from the Human figure to the architecture of Venice's palaces. Here are representef the canal sides and the small figures that crowd Canaletto's paintings, so to form the classic Venice's glimpses, dense of details, views to be designed to evoke the image of Venice in the centuries to come.

The Gold Leaf Engraving made by Sara isn't simply a decoration put onto Murano glass object, instead it is an Artwork made with maximum care and love for the detail.

Should it be an rendition of a famous painting or an original drawing, Sara's works are conceived from their very beginning to be a symbiotic unity between the engraved work and its underlying glass support.

In Sara's Gold Leaf works revive many of the most valuable artistic traditions of Venice Lagoon, not last the typical Burano's Lacework, from where they mutuate the complexity, the laborious realization, the preciousness and that mysterious halo that give to her work an almost magical atmosphere.

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